Desire, 46”x61” four panel canvas print

Is it the dog’s life to sit by the window?, 46”x61” four panel canvas print

Desire and Is it the dog’s life to sit by the window? were created by allowing text-to-image generative AI to have an intervention with 6x7 film negatives in order to create its version of the ideal fetishized Other.

I corresponded with anonymous internet users (mostly self-proclaimed male) for several years, collecting writings that described their desires and fantasies, whether “true” or fabricated. These writings were combined to create (Have you seen) This Man, and were offered to the generative AI to provide it with guidance while producing its images. Through this process, two related cultural maps of perversions were created: one uncensored human-based map gathered from the fantasies described by anonymous humans, and a second censored AI-based map of desire - or, taken together, a glimpse into the mass psyche of (patriarchal) fetish exerted virtually, or what I have coined as the anonymity of feral internet desire.

(Have you seen) This Man, typewritten Craigslist emails on continuous feed paper